Connecting to Widerfi

Widerfi brings you a simpler and powerful mean to stay connected all the time. Just a few simple setting changes on your device and you are ON!

First, check Widerfi availability for you

Widerfi is available in Lithuania to a limited number of mobile operator subscribers. Please check if your home operator is supported by Widerfi. Additionally we grant a free trial to every device connected to Widerfi for the first time, so you can assert the quality yourself.

Then, select Widerfi partner cellular network

While visiting abroad you have to manually select Widerfi partner cellular network. In Lithuania it is 'Bite'. If you are not sure how, please check the detailed instructions section.

Set up your mobile device data connection settings

  • set APN to 'euinternet'
  • turn mobile data and data roaming ON

You may read detailed step by step instructions on how to change those setting in your device.

After that you are connected to a Widerfi network!

Open Internet browser, buy unrestricted connection or just access Google Maps free of charge. Enjoy!

Special information for life:) Belarus subscribers

Since Belarus is not part of EU Internet life:) Belarus subscribers should use 'widerfi' as APN instead of 'euinternet', everything else remains the same

For more information please refer to the FAQ section or contact our support line. We are here to help.

+370 700 44905