Made for smart international travelers Widerfi fills in the gap between Wi-Fi and mobile data roaming propositions combining the best of both models.

Widerfi users enjoy smartphone and tablet connectivity similar to unlimited flat rate Wi-Fi but without coverage limitations, as the service runs on wide-reaching 3G and LTE infrastructures. It's so convenient.

The traveler doesn’t need to change the SIM card, and, moreover, no data roaming charges apply.

While abroad traveler has to select Widerfi local partner cellular network and change access point name APN to Euinternet.

Mobile data stream then flows directly via local network avoiding roaming infrastructure. Voice and messaging remain in roaming mode, therefore traveler stays reachable via home number as before.

It is better than Wi-Fi as it offers wide cellular network coverage.

It is better than local prepaid SIM cards, as it keeps your home number, avoids all the troubles travelers have when buying, switching and top-upping local SIM cards.

It is better than most mobile data roaming packages as it applies flat rate affordable fees, provides better speed and capacity without limitations.

Widerfi offers unrestricted internet connection while in Lithuania:

  • 1 day: €5
  • 3 days: €8
  • 1 week: €12

Additionally Google maps is accessible even without a subscription while on Widerfi network.

You can pay for Widerfi connectivity using Paypal account, Credit card or redeem your free access voucher.

At the moment you can use Widerfi while visiting Lithuania. Widerfi service is accessible to mobile subscribers from all EU and other selected country operators.

Please check home operator list that Widerfi supports today.

We are expanding! More visited countries and supported operators coming soon, sign up and stay tuned.